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Just as in of numerous career knowledge, this research enjoys limits


Very first, even with all of our services to determine a wealthy and varied sample, our very own employment method could have lead to more than-expression out-of migrants which have shorter favorable perceptions into FGM/C. Specifically, the point that certain users was indeed hired as a result of a reliable mediator having a clear status facing FGM/C ple bias. Yet not, considering the issues built-in in the browse on the subject of FGM/C, the current analysis does give the necessary information regarding FGM/C among nothing analyzed migrant communities from the Netherlands.

Next, due to sensitivity of your own situation additionally the illegal condition regarding brand new practice on the Netherlands, people may have provided socially common solutions in the FGDs and you may interviews. Nonetheless, regardless of if migrants tends to be unwilling to disclose the intention to execute FGM/C, analysis for the perceptions of FGM/C may be alot more reliable than just purpose . Continue reading